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Unique bamboo sleepwear for women

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We kinda know that between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night is recommended to function at a healthy level. A bad night’s sleep affects my whole day, normally putting me in a bad mood. And there seems to be so many reasons why we might not be sleeping as well as we could be.

With Bold’s clothing collection of bamboo t-shirt dresses I’ve been really surprised at how many customers have been telling me they’ve been sleeping in them! I hadn’t designed them with that in mind but when I thought about the benefits of bamboo fabric, it quickly became obvious why people are choosing to have Bold clothing as sleepwear.

The bamboo fabric’s ability to naturally draw moisture away from the skin means if you’re looking for wicking sleepwear, or sleepwear to counter night sweats, bamboo fabric could help.

If you’re looking for sleepwear to stay cool, again, bamboo fabric could be the answer for sweet dreams. The fabric’s composition leads to a very breathable garment for temperature control.

I’ve designed the Bold clothing collection to be loose fitting as well, so it’s great for all sizes, and if you’re looking for maternity sleepwear, then look no further.

You want something soft-to-the-touch to sleep in? Just wait until you feel our bamboo t-shirt dress. Luxuriously smooth at a very affordable price.

Have a look around, and remember we ship anywhere in the World. I hope Bold can help you all get a better night’s sleep. 

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