Don't miss out on Bold's pre-launch bamboo clothing & sequin hoodies. Wear Bold or go naked.

Bamboo Clothing. The natural choice for unique streetwear

We intentionally made the Bold Clothing Collection, simple and straightforward.
Not to mention, comfortable, stylish, durable, versatile and affordable. What a relief when things come together!
Like you, I know the dilemma of debating what to wear for the beach, or which clothes to take on holiday, or even when we’re just out with friends.  I want to make your clothes-buying decision so easy, you can do it in your sleep. In fact you’ll find our Bold Bamboo Streetwear makes incredible sleepwear as well.

Step up Bamboo fabric - I know you’re gonna love it. 🙌

The choice really is simple; wear Bold or go naked.

You’ll regret missing out on our bamboo streetwear.
When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Just for fun

Listen to the Bold band and see our streetwear collection

If you haven’t burst out your pants yet, read on...

The Bold Reversible Clothing Collection is coming Soon!

Having choices is good. Having 2 things when you’ve only had to pay for 1 is even better.

So here’s the deal. When you use a fabric like bamboo, you gain multiple benefits. Namely, a durable, thermal-controlling, odour-reducing, crease-resistant, drape-holding garment that you can wear a number of times before you need to wash it again. 

Add to that, the Bold statements on both sides means when you do turn them inside-out, it looks like a new outfit anyway!

Two garments in one. Save money, save time on decision-making each day, and ultimately, because you wash them less, you might even be saving water. Now you’re being sustainable and you didn’t even know it! Is there no end to your talents?

The way forward is Bold Reversible Clothing.

So, what’s so special about Bold clothing?

Seriously, you have to feel our Bamboo Clothing. The soft touch of bamboo is amazing. This fabric has so many positive features you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought it sooner. 

Reversible Bamboo Clothing - Angel / Devil T-shirt Dress -Bold Clothing - Unique Bamboo Clothing & Streetwear | #sayitinbold @boldornaked shop online at

Bamboo clothing that's Original:

If you can find streetwear and reversible clothing that’s as funky and sassy as these, we’re OK if you go and buy that instead. The fact is, at this moment in time, there’s nothing else like Bold's reversible clothing collection featuring bamboo t-shirts, singlets and dresses. We’ve made your choice easier; wear Bold or go naked. Be original, press the green button here:

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Bold Basic's - Men's & women's Reversible Clothing |  Bold Clothing - Unique Bamboo Clothing & Streetwear | #sayitinbold @boldornaked shop online at

Streetwear that's Versatile:

These reversible bamboo t-shirts and dresses don’t ever really look out of place. OK, so maybe don’t wear them for an interview, or a black tie dinner, but aside from that, these beauties are versatile enough to look amazing wherever you are, turn a few heads, and get compliments galore.

Find out more
Reversible Bamboo Clothing - Yes / No T-shirts & Singlets | Bold Clothing - Unique Bamboo Clothing & Streetwear | #sayitinbold @boldornaked shop online at

Reversible Clothing built for Comfort & Durability

Who doesn’t want comfortable clothes! It’s the first box to tick when you try something on. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t look comfortable.

Our soft-to-the-touch reversible bamboo clothing feels great against the skin, and its durability is proven after multiple washes, by retaining its shape and drape.

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