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Is your style personality a mind-f*ck as well?

Is your style personality schizophrenic as well? Bold AF Blogs |

As I sat in the hairdressers last week, thumbing through a 2008 edition of Cosmo, I came across a survey designed to ‘Discover your style personality’. Two things crossed my mind; firstly why is there a 12 year old magazine in a salon that only opened 6 months ago and secondly, why would anyone have to settle for one particular style? For me, my fashion style depends on the mood I’m in. I’m a great believer in enclothed cognition, namely, not dressing the way you feel, but dressing the way you want to feel.

Anyway my hairdresser was running 30 minutes late as normal - maybe if she spent less time chatting about the bloody weather she’d keep her schedule straight. I’ll be taking my extensions elsewhere next time.

So I start the survey, eagerly waiting to discover whether I’m modern, edgy, relaxed, sexy, creative, street, celebrity or casual. Thankfully agitated and impatient weren’t on the list or I’d have probably matched perfectly.

In the survey I’m asked to consider whether I’m dressing in an innovative and individualistic way; if feeling comfortable in my clothes is the most important thing; does my wardrobe consist of different styles and statement pieces; do I like to experiment or follow the latest trend; do I make the effort to stand out from the crowd. How do I accessorise; is simple preferable to fussy; is personal grooming important to me!?

That reminds me, I need an appointment for my sugaring.

Fifteen minutes later and I’ve mentally noted my answers and concluded, I’m a mix of casual, modern and edgy. I’m disappointed I’m not ‘celebrity’. Maybe it was the fail on personal grooming, I’m not sure.

And my original belief was correct, I dress differently depending on how I want to portray myself. I’d hate to pigeonhole myself into one or another. The Bold clothing collection, I hope you’ll agree caters for a mix of styles. If you’re wanting to feel casual, comfortable, edgy or creative, you’ll feel right at home in any of the bamboo t-dresses or sequin hoodies. I’ve even had a customer tell me they felt sexy wearing the deep V t-shirt in bed. I can understand why.

Whilst I can’t claim to cater for every mood, Bold clothing will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe for so many occasions, whatever your style.

Let’s face it, you can wear Bold, or go naked. 

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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