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As boring as f**k

I always put asterisks in the middle of the word fuck, as I know the word fuck can offend some people. Having said t...

How to not smell like sh*t

  If I made a movie I’d call it Fart Club. I guarantee, what happens in Fart Club definitely does not stay in Fart C...

If I had 1 trip in a time machine

  Hello Cleopatra, my name’s Kate; can you explain how to build pyramids and what are your views on sharing gold and...

Never do this in public

  I was in a bar last week, it’s my favourite and nearly always has classic 80s music playing through the speakers, ...

If you’re reading this, you’re not dead yet:

Some blogs are just so boring. I’ve read plenty from other companies, and seriously, some should come with a health ...

Is this bizarre, ridiculous or inspiring?

  Take a guess...what’s the record for the biggest wine glass in the world. Three feet high? 5 feet? 10? Nope, it’s ...

Discover the science behind dressing like a champion

Years ago, the first impression I had of my best friend was, ‘you dirty whore’. Clearly over time that view has cha...
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