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What kind of a Bold character are you?

What kind of a Bold character are you? | Bold AF Blogs |

Take our highly scientific test with no official research grounding to it whatsoever.

Are you mostly an A or a B?


Bold A:

When someone asks you, “Do you want another wine”,  you tell them “You had me at ‘Do...’“. It’s not that you can’t live without it, but if you actually did have to live without it, you really wouldn’t be a very nice person to know.

Bold B:

You enjoy the odd glass.You’ve been a designated driver in the past, but when gently encouraged you can take on all-comers whilst reminding people your photograph is still in the window of The Brewers Arms with a ‘Do not allow entry’ on it.


Bold A:

You still laugh when someone breaks wind; you still laugh when someone falls over and sharing inappropriate jokes at parties is a given.

Bold B:

You can hold a sensible conversation about politics, art, literature and religion. There’s nothing wrong with that because you’re more worldly wise, although occasionally you get this nagging feeling that nowadays you could light up a room, just by leaving it.


Bold A:

You’re pretty regular at the gym; you know your way around the equipment and you’ve perfected how to look at people without them noticing.

Bold B:

You used to go to the gym, you might even have a walking machine at home, yoga seems interesting, but you’re pretty sure HIIT is a typo.


Bold A:

You dance like nobody else is watching. Your beat is 4-on-the-floor and you don’t leave until you fall-on-the-floor.

Bold B:

The last time you danced and somebody was watching, was around 1997. And when Prince first suggested you party like it’s 1999, it seemed ages away.


Bold A:

Sleep is for wimps. You can leave the club at 2am and still find time for a kebab before bedtime.

Bold B:

Your own bed is always first choice and your definition of ‘roughing it’ is staying at a hotel without valet parking.


Mostly A’s:

Your motto is probably, live life to the full and quite right too. You’ve got a great attitude and we suspect you’re slightly dangerous to go out with.

Mostly B’s:

You probably used to be mostly A’s and there’s nothing wrong with now being the person you are today. Sassy, confident and able to maintain your sense of humour.


Friends, we love you all whoever you are. Always be you and always be proud of who you are and who you’ve become. Be confident and go forth with your head held high.

Stay Bold.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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