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How to not smell like sh*t

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If I made a movie I’d call it Fart Club.

I guarantee, what happens in Fart Club definitely does not stay in Fart Club. Not unless you close all the windows anyway. 

I digress; the point I wanted to make was this. Did you know one of the natural benefits of bamboo fabric is its anti-bacterial ability to absorb odours. Honestly, its true. You can wear Bold’s bamboo viscose garments for days. Don’t worry about whether people near you are holding their breath from the meat sweats you’ve been excreting since that hangover breakfast of bacon, sausages, steak leftovers and the meat-feast-pizza ordered in the early hours. Quite a relief. 

Fart Club members are unlikely buyers of the Bold collection of bamboo viscose t-shirts & dresses, but you should be.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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