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People are strange. Please take care.

Boldornaked blogs. People are strange. Bold ClothingSometimes I really struggle with people. Why can’t everyone be more like me. I mean the world would be so much nicer....possibly sillier, but definitely nicer.

I struggle most when people come across as dumb. I mean properly stupid. Stupid to the point where you’re left speechless. Moments where you can actually feel your jaw drop. You question yourself; did they just do that? Did I hear that correctly? Am I missing something? Are these people actually secret geniuses and I’m the idiot? Yep, that’s right, when you observe a dumb ass, self-doubt creeps in. Am I really from the same species as this person?

Which brings me to 

There’s nothing wrong with Quora itself, in fact it can be very educational at times. The basic premise is, you ask the Quora community a question - any question - and those in the know, will answer it for you. Useful eh? I’ve asked and answered questions on it myself. 

It’s when you keep going on the site you realise there are quite a few really odd, random questions. Most of the time you think to yourself, why don’t you just Google to find out the answer to ‘what does nauseous mean?’.

And then there’s the downright stupid questions. These are the ones you read with utter disbelief. Half of your brain thinks it has to be a joke, the other half begins to question your co-existence on the planet with these people.

So why should I be the only one to suffer these unfathomably stupid questions? Honestly, these are genuine.

Here’s my top 10, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. How will my cat react when she finds my poop in her litter?
  2. What was the name of the ship in the movie ‘Titanic’?
  3. Why don’t homeless people just buy a house?
  4. Was Brazil ever a part of Pakistan?
  5. We have horse racing, could we ever have fish racing?
  6. My Mac book Air weighs 2.3 lbs. If I download more files on it, will it make it heavier?
  7. What does it feel like to eat a book?
  8. Can I have sex with insects?
  9. Can you get an ant-eater drunk?
  10. What if a girl farts when you propose to her?

  Erm...stay Bold people, not dumb people.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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