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Drawing to a conclusion

Ignacio López Arambarri illustration for #sayitinbold


We love talented people, and those with a positive and supportive attitude. When it comes to Bold’s working partners, they’re the traits we really value.

Which brings us to our favourite illustrator, who developed our eye-catching and fun picture you see here.

In full (if you want to Google him) he goes by the name of I, in short, we know him as Nacho. Hey...and who doesn’t like Nachos 🇲🇽🤣🤣.

That said, our Nacho comes from beautiful Argentina 🇦🇷 where he qualified as a Graphic Designer at the Superior School of Visual Arts in Bahia Blanca and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts & Technology at the National University of Quilmes. Not surprisingly he has freelance clients from all over the World including the US, Chile, Spain, the UK, China and New Zealand.

When we briefed him on our thoughts and needs, Nacho ‘got it’ straight away. Quick to respond, receptive to our feedback and proactive in his ideas, he nailed Bold’s personality 100% and we’ll continue to work with him later this year.

If you’re looking for some awesome illustrations, graphic designs or motion graphics, Nacho’s your man.



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