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How to make clothes like a lasagne

Would you like a lasagne with that dress? Bold AF Blog |


Get yourselves an education. There’s my tip of the day, which admittedly isn’t a groundbreaker, nor will it appear in the book of revelations, but it’s an important point to make. The world is tough and the more qualifications and skills you have, the better. Even if you thought in the classroom, do I really need to know how many sides a heptagon has, I’m sure there’s a job somewhere that requires you to know it and apply it in a useful manner. Maybe a heptagenist needs to know it. Maybe there’s no such thing as a heptagenist. Anyway the answer is 7. I just Googled it.

Maths was never my strong point at school. Neither was geography. I remember an old report card from my Geography teacher saying, “Kate does well to find her way to school”.

And nowadays who cares, with sat nav and Google Maps I can get myself anywhere. I’d  say that was fairly visionary on my part.

Physics, again not a strong topic at school for me. Let me confirm to you all now, that when asked to “give an example of how heat expands things and cold contracts things”, my answer of, “the days are longer in Summer”, does not score highly.

Anyway before you all come to the conclusion I flopped in school - I didn’t - I’ve got to where I am today through hard work, diligence and determination. And some natural instinct. Ask me to cook something and I’ll produce a fine example of pretty much anything you ask for. The right ingredients are obviously critical, but I seem to have an instinctive feel for quantities and extra bits to add, to make things better. I’ve never followed a recipe in my life, and I know for sure, you’ll love my lasagne 😊

I’ve applied this same principle to get the Bold clothing collection to a place that I know you’ll all be very happy with. If the ingredients to a superior fashion piece are comfort, versatility, breathability, durability, being odour absorbent, UV-safe and affordable, then let me serve you a trustworthy collection of bamboo t-shirt dresses to satisfy all your clothing wants.

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