Don't miss out on Bold's pre-launch bamboo clothing & sequin hoodies. Wear Bold or go naked.

There is such a thing as affordable, unique streetwear

Boldornaked blogs. Affordable, unique streetwear. Bold clothing 

So, you’re looking for unique streetwear online? Well congratulations, you’ve found Bold Clothing. Our collection of bamboo t-shirt dresses and cotton hoodies (including some amazing, sequin hoodies) should satisfy your needs. 

Bold have selected bamboo as a fabric because of its incredible benefits, all of which make them a great addition to your streetwear collection. Versatile, durable and odour-resistant....breathable, hypoallergenic and UV-protective. 

And we recognise the normal streetwear brands seem to charge a premium, so you’ll find Bold streetwear is totally affordable. With the bamboo benefits thrown in as well, why don’t you give us a try. 

Wear Bold or go naked.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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