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Be honest, how do I look?


Picture this. You’ve had a terrible night’s sleep, you get out of bed, you look in the mirror and your hair’s taken on a life of its own. It’s as if, during the night, your hair leapt off your scalp, went out on a lavish all-night bender and then crawled back onto your head at about 4am to await your discovery a few hours later.

So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to handle the day when it’s already treated you so despicably before breakfast?

Well, you could laugh it off; and I don’t mean keep on laughing until your hair actually falls off. That would be stupid. 

Alternatively you could get upset. Just stare at yourself thinking WTF is going on? Why is it always me that has the bad hair? Who can I shout at first to make me feel better? 

But I promise that won’t help you.

Here’s my advice on dealing with bad hair days - or bad anything days for that matter.

Welcome optimism - with every setback, have an expectation of better things ahead. Optimism builds resilience.

Talk positively - positive words stimulate the emotional part of the brain that ignite happy memories and experiences. It’s been proven scientifically I promise you. 

Have perspective - ok, so you’ve got bad hair today. But focus on the fact you have a roof over your head and a warm bed. Express gratitude for that.

Focus on a solution - don’t be the victim of bad hair. Find a solution...take a shower and wash your hair, put in some hair product to reshape it, or wear a hat. Or laugh it off, put a brush through it, and say ‘sod it’.

Remember, little set-backs only ruin your day if you let them. If you practice the points above, then very soon, those little aggravations will just pass off as surmountable obstacles in no time.

Stay positive. Stay Bold.

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