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Bamboo Benefits

bamboo benefits

If you don’t own an item of bamboo clothing yet, I promise you, you’re missing out. Surprisingly, when I mention to people I meet, Bold t-shirt dresses are made of bamboo, there’s usually a surprised look on their faces. Bamboo? As in the plant?

Yep that’s right. Which then leads me into a little detail of how amazing the bamboo plant is.

Firstly, the speed in which the bamboo plant grows makes it the fastest-growing in the world. Why is that good? Well, with a yield like that it’s the plant that keeps on giving, and when it’s cut back it’s not uprooted, it’s just cut. The same plant just keeps on growing meaning it keeps using the same soil, making it wonderfully sustainable.

The bamboo plant doesn’t require fertilisers or pesticides either; its natural ability to thrive in the right conditions makes it eco-friendly as well. Additional watering? Not necessary; bamboo is happy with natural rainfall, reducing its water consumption.

And that’s just the plant itself!

Wait until you feel the softness of the bamboo fabric. It’s incredibly soft and smooth, and who doesn’t crave comfortable clothes!

The composition of the fabric means it’s kind to your skin with natural hypoallergenic qualities and it’s scientifically proven to absorb moisture away from the skin more efficiently than cotton. So it’s great for exercising in bamboo clothing as well.

Beautifully breathable, UV-protective, highly durable with a flattering drape, it’s almost too good to be true.

So why don’t you own any stylish casual wear made of bamboo? That’s a good question.

You can buy bamboo viscose clothing from Bold so easily. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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