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Online dating tips, you need to succeed

Bold Clothing. Bamboo t-shirt, streetwearI finally got a friend into online dating. After 2 years of waiting for the perfect guy to knock on her front door, it dawned on her, she might, actually have to put in a modicum of effort.

Now, I’m pretty sure there’s some do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing an online profile and my friend clearly knows all the don’ts.

Firstly, the photos. I asked her to pick 6 photos she thought, summed her up and reflected her personality. That took half an hour, and on seeing her choices, I concluded it was half an hour of my life I’d never get back. Three of the photos dated back 10 years and, as a friend I had to point out she really doesn’t look 17 any more. Hey, that’s what friends are for.

One photo was verging on soft porn, one was taken at a fancy dress party, which in theory could have been fun, except she was dressed as a tampon. And the final one; well, if she’d been holding a board with numbers on, could easily double up as a prison-shot.

We got there in the end. A couple of nice action shots of her cycling and posing in front of the Eiffel Tower, another with her and a group of friends, and a full length shot of her holding a glass of wine, having cropped out the table beside her with 3 empty bottles on it. And she was fully-clothed in every shot. Tick. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then these 4 said, a sociable, active and attractive woman who likes to travel.

In reality, I know her as my drunk wing-woman, that I’m always very careful about who she’s introduced to at certain events. But that’s beside the point.

Now, just as important, what can we write in the profile that’s a mix of honest, truthful, accurate and mildly amusing to encourage users to ask her out. Tricky, but not impossible.

We ended up with something not half bad. It was focussed, positive, no waffle and a couple of interesting things thrown in as well. She likes surfing and fishing.

Hobbies I suggested we remove, “watching horror movies”. Nothing illegal in that, but maybe something to slip in the conversation on date number 4.

And “giving blood”. Admirable, yes; but a clincher in the dating market, probably not. I’ve suggested if things go well with any particular guy, they could arrange a hook-up at the local blood donor clinic.

Also removed; “must live within 10kms of me”. Seriously!? Well, yes she was serious. Ok, so you don’t want a 200kms round trip for a date, but come on, 10kms! You actually wouldn’t need to phone each other, you could just hang out a window and shout. 🗣 “SEE YOU AT 7.00”............”OK, SEE YOU LATER”.

Ultimately, my advice to her, and to anyone else about to venture into online dating is just to be yourself. Honesty is always the best policy, and means you don’t have to continually remember the untruths you may have spouted in your profile or be put in a position where you’ve claimed your golf handicap is 7, when the truth is, you’ve never picked up a golf club. In fact, you were convinced they were called golf sticks.

Be the best person you can be, show how amazing you are, get out your comfort zone, and believe there truly is someone for everyone.

Be Bold.

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