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Take a guess...what’s the record for the biggest wine glass in the world. Three feet high? 5 feet? 10? Nope, it’s 12 feet 8 inches tall; that’s 3.87 metres!  They estimate it could hold 84 litres of wine, or as I prefer to call it, ‘a good weekend’.

Aside from providing you with stylish, bamboo clothing, I love useless facts like that, so I searched around for the most dubious world record I could find. Hey, don’t judge me; I know what you’re thinking....she needs to get out more.

So I found one, and I’m very proud to announce that it’s a woman who holds it. A lovely lady from Ukraine holds the world record for the fastest time to crush 3 watermelons between her thighs. She achieved it in an impressive 14.65 seconds. I say impressive, as I tried it last Thursday and still haven’t cracked the surface and today’s Saturday. After wiping it down, I’ll probably just eat it instead.

Yet again the human spirit amazes me, and no matter whether you think it’s a pointless thing to do or not, someone has decided they want to be the best at something, and that in itself is credit-worthy.

Ladies - be yourselves. Be proud of who you are; what you’ve become, or what you’re striving to be. Be powerful, be practical, be determined, be unique, be confident, be gentle with yourself and of course, be bold.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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