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Who the F*#k is Bold?


Who the F#*k is Bold? About Bold Clothing | #sayitinbold |

Apparently, the average adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions every day, which to me sounds unnecessarily complicated. I much prefer life choices to be simple and straightforward. I mean how hard can it be? Do I want red wine or white wine? Socialise or stay in? Do I want children, or have more money, time, holidays, sleep and peace in my life? Do I text back now, or make him sweat a few days? It ain’t difficult.

I’ve intentionally made the new Bold Clothing range simple and straightforward. Not to mention, stylish, versatile, comfortable, durable and original with a hint of attitude and a dash of sass.

You want sequins, we got sequins, you want cool to the touch, we got that; you want swagger, you’ve probably got that already. Comfortable...tick. You want bells on it? Actually, we don’t have bells on anything. You want bells...go to church.

What you will find is a range of distinctive, playful and versatile designs, from sequin-embellished Hoodies to statement Bamboo viscose t-shirt dresses; reusable Tote bags, and cropped hoodies all with a personality to add to your undisputed style.

Enjoy Bold. It’s designed with you in mind.

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