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How to be popular - revealed...

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I recently overheard someone say, well-behaved women rarely make history, which, at the time made me smile but then, when I thought about it (I was sat outside drinking wine), I wondered to myself (yes, sometimes I drink alone), who are the most popular women in history (and why do I keep putting things in brackets)?

I went to my trusted friend (Google, damn it, I’ve done it again) and came across exactly what I was looking for.

The results will keep on changing, but in July 2019, based on Google searches at the time, the most popular woman in history was Madonna! More people searched online for Madonna at that time than anyone else! Ok, some people might have been looking for Jesus’s mum, but still. Where’s the Kardashians? Where’s Kylie Jenner or Meghan Markle?

Interestingly of the top 10 searches, only 2 of the women are still alive - only 1 if you deem Madonna as the biblical figure and not the singer.

But more importantly and pleasantly surprising is the type of woman who’s made the top 100 list. Civil rights activists, scientists, poets, nurses, women’s rights activists, writers, politicians, painters and fashion designers to name a few areas where amazing women have contributed to the modern world. It’s reassuring to know the most popular women are the truly inspirational ones who’ve added value and made a positive change to so many things, for so many people.

Ladies...Do good things, be the best you can be and contribute in a positive way, even if it’s only amongst your own family and friends that’s ok. Not everyone will be a Marie Curie, but if you can make the world a better place for many more, we salute you. 

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