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Is bamboo clothing any good? The secret’s out...

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  1. Is bamboo clothing sustainable?

The bamboo plant is extremely eco-friendly. It requires little to no water to grow and doesn’t need pesticides to nurture it. It’s one of the most self-sustaining plants on the planet, making bamboo good for the environment.

2. Is bamboo clothing comfortable?

You really have to feel bamboo fabric to experience its softness. Its silk-like qualities gives it a smooth, luxurious feel that’s wonderful against the skin.

3. Is bamboo clothing breathable?

The fabric’s fibre composition produces a naturally breathable garment. Great for maintaining a normal body temperature whether you want to cool down or stay warm. It’s natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin keeps you more sweat and odour-free than wearing cotton.

4. Is bamboo clothing uv protective?

Yes it is. Bamboo fabric has a 40+ UV protection level.

Is bamboo clothing durable?

Bamboo washes well and maintains its attractive drape after multiple washes. It also keeps its smooth texture and shape.

Is bamboo clothing kind to the skin?

Another of the many bamboo natural benefits is being hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin you’ll be treated kindly by bamboo’s ability to avoid itchy irritations.

So where can you buy bamboo clothing?

It’s beautiful and it’s beneficial, and you’ll find a collection of fun, edgy and unique bamboo garments on the Bold Clothing website.

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