Don't miss out on Bold's pre-launch bamboo clothing & sequin hoodies. Wear Bold or go naked.

Material & Care Instructions

Don't forget to Care for Me:

Whenever I get dirty, turn me around, & gimme a cold hand wash. Don't put me in the dryer or iron me 'cause I'll burn. If you use bleach on me I'll be screwed. Oh... & sunbaking after a swim ruins my complexion. When I'm clean, don't forget to take me everywhere & always remember to #BeBold.

Each piece of Bold clothing is designed with a s#*tload of love & wine by Kate, & is handmade with care in China by Stella & her friends.

Material Details:

Bold Oversized Bamboo T-shirt / Dress / Sleepwear
Material: 95% Bamboo Viscose,  5% Spandex
Details: Cuffed Sleeves, Rubber Ink Printing

Bold clothing uses bamboo as it’s source material. To comply with legislation; because we use the viscose process to turn the bamboo into fabric, we have to label our products as ‘Bamboo viscose’. We also have to point out, the viscose process can diminish some of the natural qualities of bamboo. In our experience to date, our products still retain beautiful softness, coolness, durability, crease-resistance, odour-absorbency and are lightweight and UV-protective to 40+. We also blend spandex into the garments to provide the elasticity.

Bold Sequin Hoodies
Material: 100% Cotton, 280gsm Fleeced
Details: Sequin Embellishment, Cut Sleeves, Pocket Front, V neck, Hood

Bold Cropped Hoodie
Material: 100% Cotton - 280gsm, no Fleece
Details: Cut Sleeves, Hood, Cropped

Dry-Fit Singlets
Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex Dry-Fit
Details: Rubber Ink Printing, Scoped Back

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