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As boring as f**k

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I always put asterisks in the middle of the word fuck, as I know the word fuck can offend some people. Having said that, I’ve just omitted them from my last 2 uses of the word fuck. Make that 3.

And I always use the ‘k’ at the end, just in case people can’t figure out the 4-letter word I’m partially covering up. Some might think the headline is, ‘As boring as fart’, or ‘As boring as figs’, or, ‘As boring as fish, foam or feet’. All of which are perfectly interesting if exploited under the appropriate supervision.

I guess some could think it’s As boring as funk, but I sincerely hope not. Funk is NOT boring and quite possibly my favourite of all the music genres. After disco.

Anyway, where the funk was I? Ah yes, who wants to be boring? That’s what I thought, nobody!

I’ve designed the Bold clothing collection to look beyond the conventional or the predictable. We’re all bored of the same-same. We want a creative edge.

Hence I’ve tried to evolve the everyday casual-wear, that the majority of us put on without thinking, into something a bit more original and stylish, but keeping the must-have comfort and practicality. And, to do our bit to help the planet I’ve used bamboo fabric. One of the most self-sustaining plants on Earth with a fibre that creates the most amazingly soft texture, and naturally takes moisture away from the skin to absorb sweat and odour. It’s naturally hypoallergenic aswell, with a sun protection factor of 40+.

With style and benefits like this, it’s more a case of being as Bold as f**k.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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