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The simplest way to attain ultimate confidence

The simplest way to attain ultimate confidence | Bold AF Blogs |

We like cats.

Seriously, if we come across people who don’t like cats, we think they’re a bit odd. They might not need a psychiatrist, well not all of them, but what’s not to like? Cats have got attitude. There’s a confidence around cats that you just know, if they could speak, then the phrase; “screw you” would be over-employed.

Oh sure, they come knockin when it’s feeding time or attention time but otherwise, they just get on with their lives and generally do as they please. We like that.

So what have we learnt?

Well; live like a cat. Confident that you know what you want, and how to get it. Be positive and treat everyone as they deserve. And if that means leaving a little gift in their back garden sometimes, then so be it.


#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked

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