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Do you spit or swallow?

Which type are you?

The sort of person who bites their lip or the one who just blurts out what’s on their mind and damn the consequences? I’m not talking about Attention Deficit Disorder, I’m talking about inconsiderate, tactless behaviour. I can remember in my early dating years I may have crossed the line. Let’s put it down to immaturity, but when I think back now, I thought I was being funny. The unfortunate guy asked me on our first date, “ do you think the date is going?”

“Well, if I’m honest”, I replied, “if I leave now, I can still make the last 10 minutes of the News”.

Nowadays, I’d classify that one as 5% funny, 95% tactless. The good news is, scientifically, I have an excuse. Apparently stress is a major cause of people blurting out the first thing they think of, rather than thinking first. Stress is related to arousal and a scientific study has shown that you’re more likely to disclose highly personal information after certain activities. These include physical activity, or being outside of your comfort zone as this generally, raises your heart rate.

So, what can you do?

Well; adopt strategies to reduce stress.

Consciously control your breathing, listen to relaxing music, reduce your coffee intake, same with alcohol. Get enough sleep, and eat well.

According to experts, stress limits don’t need to be particularly high before people’s lips start to loosen. That seems to make sense when you think of interrogation techniques...sleep deprivation, injecting drugs to quicken the heart rate. Thumb screws...actually no, that’s just painful. Or maybe that works as well. Thankfully I’ve never been interrogated, apart from by my parents when I was 16. 

As always, I’m here to help. Next time you feel the urge to spit out the first thing that comes to mind, just breathe deep for a few seconds and think. Remember, once you’ve said it, you’ve said it.

Be nice people, be nice. And Bold.

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