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6 sure-fire ways to cure your bedtime problems

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I was reading something recently. That statement in itself, isn’t amazing, but wait...I have some good news to help you in bed.

It appears I may be a real dumb-ass. Again, not an amazing revelation but it’s still slightly shocking when reality bites.

I read an article on sleep, and I spotted half a dozen reasons why I might not be sleeping as soundly as I should; and being the helpful soul I am, I wanted to share the same with you.

  1. Eating the wrong food - overdoing the proteins and fats before going to bed seems a bit of a non-starter. Pizza? Nope. Fries? Nah. Curry? Are you serious! Nachos surely? Forget it pal. Hello celery stick!
  2. Caffeine at dinner time (after 6.00pm-ish) - it can take up to 9 hours to get a full dose of coffee out the system. It varies on your individual tolerance and age, but those coffees and cokes don’t look like they’re good friends with Mr and Mrs Sleepy.
  3. Booze - ok, so I kinda knew getting pissed before bedtime wouldn’t appear in top tips for a better night’s sleep, but come on, cut me some slack here. Having said that, if I’ve had a few, I do end up spending a lot of time staring at the bathroom wall/toilet bowl as I make multiple visits to the loo. Granted, it’s a little disruptive.
  4. Exercise - here’s me thinking a good, late-night workout aids sleep, but no apparently not. Raising your body temperature and heart rate is not recommended. Walking the cat...fine; walking 5 miles on incline level 8, don’t waste your energy.
  5. Room temperature - Too hot and your body temperature will be too high to sleep soundly, too cold will wake you up. In true Goldilocks style it’s just right at 65 to 70 Fahrenheit according to the experts.
  6. Stress - we all know that when there’s shit going on in life we all lie there worrying about it. Tricky to cure that one. My advice would be, drink 3 bottles of wine and cry yourself to sleep. Oh hang on, no, no. Don’t do that. I just re-read point 3. Breathe deep, think of happier times and visualise yourself sat on a beach stroking a puppy. It works for me.

 Now, I can’t claim our bamboo t-shirt dresses will cure your sleep problems, as apparently I’d get into legal issues if I did. But here’s some interesting benefits on bamboo as a fabric to show why the bedroom is proving to be one of the many, many places to wear it, making it even more versatile.

Beautifully soft, loose-fitting, comfortable, breathable, temperature-regulating, stays dry...and bamboo’s natural ability to deter odours means you’ll have sleepwear you can use for a week without a whiff!

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