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Never do this in public


Never do this in public | #sayitinbold @boldornaked | Bold AF blogs

I was in a bar last week, it’s my favourite and nearly always has classic 80s music playing through the speakers, which is one of the reasons I like it. And it serves beautiful New Zealand Sauvignon blanc wine. Win win. I’m not telling you where it is because you might go, and another reason I like it is because it doesn’t get too busy, meaning you get served quicker. Yep, I’m selfish.

Anyway, last week I’m in there and Cyndi Lauper starts playing....Girls Just Wanna have fun. Classic.

To my amazement, a girl stands up, walks over to a speaker and holds her mobile phone up towards it. She’s Shazam’ing Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.....I kid you not.

Who doesn’t know that song!? Five year old kids know it; my grandma knows it and she’s 87. You seriously need to have been living on the moon not to know that song. Never mind the 80s, it’s one of the most iconic songs of all time!

I could not believe it. I’m thinking where have you been? What are you doing? Have you no shame?

I was so close to going up, slapping her and screaming, “It’s Cyndi Lauper, bitch”, but thought better of it. And of course I’m not a violent person, but come on girl, you’re on your own planet if you don’t know that one.

She’d never make my pop quiz team, if I had one.

Some things in life are obvious, so abundantly clear you really need to take a close look at yourself sometimes.

It’s like Bold’s bamboo viscose fabric. When you can wear an item that feels incredibly soft, drapes like a dream, is hypoallergenic and super breathable, why wouldn’t you be wearing it!?

Girls Just Wanna Have Bamboo.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked 


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