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Is bamboo clothing sustainable?

Is Bamboo Sustainable - Bold Clothing

You’d struggle to find a plant quite like bamboo. One that replenishes and grows as fast; one that requires very little water aside from the natural rainwater it receives, and one that sustains the same soil to grow once the plant has been cut back. Bamboo yields the same volume as cotton from 10% of the land area and doesn’t need pesticides or fertilisers to enhance its crop, and bamboo generates more oxygen and removes more carbon dioxide from the air than trees.

It’s little wonder then, that clothing derived from this incredible plant, inherits many qualities. Bamboo viscose fabric is naturally hypoallergenic making it kind to skin, it protects against harmful ultraviolet rays, naturally attaining a sun protection factor (SPF) of 40+, and its ability to absorb moisture away from the skin means less sweating for you!

Bold Clothing is proud to focus its range around this beautifully friendly plant.

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