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Bold Clothing showcases Pre-Launch clothing at Womad New Zealand

If you’ve been to WOMAD in New Plymouth before, you already know how amazing it is. Well, here at Bold Clothing & Headwear, we’re gonna try and make it even more memorable with the first of our pop-up shops appearing in the Global Village this year. I’m not saying we have the most comfortable clothes on sale there... but to be honest, we do. If you crossed a box of cotton wool with a box of puppies and then removed the box, I’ll bet our clothes feel softer than that pile of cotton wool doggies.

Our shop has a range of bamboo viscose dress t-shirts, some super-cool cotton hoodies with the most amazing sequins on; there’s dri-fit singlets and a range of headwear and headbands, just perfect for the festival.

Come and visit us, say Hi, and confirm our clothes are softer than a cotton wool/puppy combo.

#sayitinbold  @BoldorNaked


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