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Is bamboo UV-protective?

  We all know how important it is to stay safe in the sun. Slap the sun cream on liberally and cover up intermittent...

Bamboo - other benefits, if you needed convincing.

Bamboo viscose is one of the more crease resistant fabrics you’ll find. It’s a beautiful weight, not too heavy, not ...

Is bamboo hypoallergenic?

  If you suffer from skin sensitivities like eczema or psoriasis, or common allergies, you’ll have a new, best frien...

Is bamboo odour resistant?

Hands up who likes to smell? That’s what I thought, nobody, except the guy you always get stuck next to on the bus. ...

Is bamboo clothing moisture absorbing?

Bamboo viscose fibres naturally suck up moisture. Great to know when you’re working up a sweat running in the gym, o...

Is bamboo fabric breathable & thermal regulating?

  It’s been scientifically proven if you stop breathing, you are, in fact, dead. As luck would have it those bamboo...

Is bamboo clothing sustainable?

You’d struggle to find a plant quite like bamboo. One that replenishes and grows as fast; one that requires very lit...

Bamboo clothing? A guide to an astonishing fabric

If you don’t own an item of bamboo clothing yet, I promise you, you’re missing out. Surprisingly, when I mention to ...
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